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Here is the deal. I got some pieces inside containers and I want to be able to drag and drop pieces from one containers into another (from the view side), however in order to update my models I need target's (i.e. container where I dropped my piece) position.

Here is a short jsfiddle that demonstrates my problem: container piece fiddle. For example draw the bottom piece into the middle container. I expected to see


But got 2 2 instead. Further more I expected target to match my drop target (in this case a container).

Note: This used to work on jQuery 1.6.4 but stopped working once I moved onto 1.7.

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What is it exactly that you want to do here? Are you not looking for

You should also move your functions outside of the $(document).ready(function(){. There's no reason to load those after page load.

Hmm, the issue seems to be that you don't set the pos on drop. It simply doesnt get updated?

         drop: function(ev, ui){
             var pos = $('p_pos');
             var oldpos ='p_pos');    
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That is not the solution I was looking for. Besides if I pull them out of the $(document).ready(function(){ They will do nothing since the elements they bind to don't exist yet. My problem is that I can't get c_pos of target container (I drag pieces into containers). My goal is to make it work. Not make it right (yet alone fast). – Daniel Fath Dec 17 '11 at 22:12
What is it exactly you want to actually achieve? I assume 2 elements can't be on top of each other? – Richard Dec 17 '11 at 22:28
Sure they can. It's a mock (i.e. unfaithful prototype). I just want to read c_pos from the droppable .container I leave my draggable .piece on. – Daniel Fath Dec 17 '11 at 23:30
I probably should have left that'c_pos'). It could have confused others. – Daniel Fath Dec 19 '11 at 17:40
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Anyway I figured this one out myself. It was rather easy - had to change"p_pos") to"c_pos") since in jQuery 1.7.1 treats dragged parameter correctly as $(this) in previous version I acquired that param via ui.draggable.

Here is the new fiddle: that works correctly.

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