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I have 3 CRM entities: A, B and C. There is a 1:N relationship between A & B. I have a custom activity D. There is a 1:N relation between B and D

On creation of an instance of D, it's "Regarding" field set to an instance of C. C is not related to A or B directly via any direct relationship.

The question: In the form for C, is there a way to somehow get to the ID of the instance Of A(via the "Regarding" field between C & D such as C --> D --> B --> A) and use that ID of A to display a grid of related records of B on the form.

I'm guessing that this would involve an IFrame & javascript?

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Can you simulate this view in an Advanced Find? That is, starting from A as a base entity, joining to B, then D, then C, and setting the instance of C equal to a particular ID of C? –  Peter Majeed Dec 18 '11 at 0:01
Not sure I understand.The UI for this needs to be on the form for C.An example of your suggestion would help. –  Abhijeet Patel Dec 18 '11 at 2:49
Never mind, forgot you needed this on the C form, but getting the FetchXml from the advanced find is useful anyway. (Included an answer below.) –  Peter Majeed Dec 18 '11 at 3:15
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There are two methods I know of.

  1. James has a good blog post @ The Dynamics CRM Green Bible about how to manipulate existing subgrids to display the FetchXml you need. This approach doesn't involve an IFRAME.

  2. Chandan shares a way to use the Advanced Find view in an IFRAME that accomplishes a similar effect (written for Dynamics CRM 4, but easily adapted to CRM 2011).

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