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In ColdFusion how do I tell if I'm at the end of a list. I know about listLast, but this just returns the last data in the list. I want to know when the list has finished. I need to know this so i can change a string accordingly.

ie. mystring = product with list1, list2 and listlast

Its so i know when to add the "and" to my output.


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listLen() will give you the total of items. Then as you loop through the list check if you've reach listLen()

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Thanks! I'm using listLen already, not sure why I never thought of it! Early morning, late nights! – Jason Congerton Dec 17 '11 at 21:51

How about using ListLen(list [, delimiters ])? It returns the number of elements in a list.

  var i = 1;
  var listLength = ListLen(mystring);

  for (i = 1; i lte listLength; i++)
    product = ListGetAt(mystring, i);

Here's a reference of other List Functions.

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Thank you, I have answered "twitter cfdatabase" as correct and moved yours up a vote. Done on a first answer basis as both are correct! – Jason Congerton Dec 17 '11 at 22:00
I must be being thick here or just knackered! So i have a list jason,jill,john i want to output this in a single string like this In the room was Jason, John and Jill. How do I pick out the individual parts of the list and output it? If i loop around the list using cfloop how do i know what is first second and last, bearing in mind the list may be larger? Sorry but never used lists to create readable strings before. Help is greatly appreciated? – Jason Congerton Dec 18 '11 at 0:31
`var i = 1; l = ListLen(names); for (i = 1; i lte l; i++){ name } – Micah Dec 18 '11 at 22:55

@Jason Congerton use index="i" (or anything) and output in the list using #i#

You could also use

<cfloop from="1" to="listlen(yourlist)#" index="i">

Number #i# #ListGetAt(yourList, i)#<br>


i gives you the placement in the list and the ListGetAt() function pulls out the value in that place in the list. This will work if your list is 1 or 10,000 names.

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Hi Thanks for you response this code has helped me out, i have one slight issue. My string is now formatted to "product with listpart1, listpart2" i now need to finsh it with listpart1, listpart2, and lastlistpart. In other words i need to say if this is the last bit in the list do not put a comma put and. My code is below; <cfloop from="1" to="#myLen#" index="i"> <cfif i EQ 1><cfset myH1 = "with "><cfset myH1 = myH1 & listGetAt(session[h1Session], i)></cfif> <cfif i GT 1><cfset myH1 = myH1 & ", " & listGetAt(session[h1Session], i)></cfif> </cfloop> – Jason Congerton Dec 18 '11 at 1:22
I've got it!!!! <cfif i GT 1> <cfif i EQ myLen> <cfset myH1 = myH1 & " and " & listGetAt(session[h1Session], i)><cfelse> <cfset myH1 = myH1 & ", " & listGetAt(session[h1Session], i)></cfif> Thank you very much, i have voted up on this one! – Jason Congerton Dec 18 '11 at 1:37

CF function list.


specifically, look at ListLast() function.

The last user in the list is: ListLast(temp)

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Not sure what you're doing that requires you to know the last element of the list but you can also just use cfloop list =

<cfset myList = "me,myself,i">
<cfloop list = "#myList#" index = "i">
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