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How can I load the children entities of a parent in the kohana ORM?


class Model_User extends ORM
    protected $_primary_key = 'UserId';

    protected $_has_many = array(
        'rides' => array(
            'model' => 'ride',
            'foreign_key'=> 'RideId'

class Model_Ride extends ORM
    protected $_primary_key = 'RideId';     

    protected $_belongs_to = array(
        'user' => array(
            'model'       => 'user',
            'foreign_key' => 'UserId',

How would I write the query to get a user and all their Ride?

This is what I have so far:

$members = ORM::factory('user');

$members->where('FirstName', '=', 'Peter')->find_all();

How can I do a FirstOrDefault on all those peters and then list all the Rides of that user?

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Something like this:

$members = ORM::factory('user');
$members_list = $members->where('FirstName', '=', 'Peter')->find_all();

foreach($members_list as $member) {
    $rides = $member->rides->find_all();
    foreach($rides as $ride) {
        // Work with ride model
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