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What is suppose to happen is that the user types in their question and and select their answers and when they click on the "Add Question" button, then it will add the questions and answer.

Problem is that I can add an answer (you can test this in this fiddle, click here, the function to add the answer to a new table row is at the bottom where function insertQuestion(form) function is. Example of selecting an answer: open grid and select button "4", type in 1 in number of answers textbox and select button "B", then click on "Add Question" button. )

But when include this code in the function insertQuestion(form) function to try and add the question:

$('#question').each( function() {

    var $this = $(this);
    var $questionText = $("<textarea></textarea>").attr('name',$this.attr('name'))


It would not add a row at all. It states $("<textarea></textarea>").attr('name',$this.attr('name')) is undefined in the console.

How can I get it so that it would add a question from the textarea into the row in another textarea?

My current code which is not working is in this jsFiddle, click here, the function which add rows is near bottom of javascript section.

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Is there a missing link? –  Hidde Dec 18 '11 at 0:06
sorry, thanks for the spot, I have fixed the link –  BruceyBandit Dec 18 '11 at 0:11
Use .val() to get/set a value instead of .attr('value'). –  ThiefMaster Dec 18 '11 at 0:38

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$('#question') found a table with the id question, not an input. It doesn’t have a name or value.

So the value of $this.attr('name') is undefined. When you call .attr with an undefined second argument, it returns the value of the attribute. So…

$questionText = $(…).….attr('name', undefined)

gets the value of the newly-created $questionText’s name attribute, which is also undefined. Then you try to call .attr on it, which throws the error.

The solution should be to find #questionTextArea instead of #question.

FWIW, there a couple of safer ways to set your attributes:

  1. Use || to substitute the empty string:

    ….attr('name', $this.attr('name') || '');
  2. Use a hash of attributes:

    ….attr({ name: $this.attr('name') });
  3. Pass a hash of attributes into $ (FYI, you don’t need to close the tag you pass into the jQuery function when you’re creating a element with no extra HTML. It translates it, internally, to document.createElement('textarea') either way):

    var $questionText = $("<textarea>", {
        name: $this.attr('name'),
        value: $this.attr('value')
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Ok I will text this in about 15 mins because I have a quick meeting to go to and then I will test your code, thank you :) –  BruceyBandit Dec 18 '11 at 0:36

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