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I have a movieclip on the screen called "mc_bg". Within this movieclip are 7 movieclips called "barrier1" through "barrier7".

From main.as I want to be able to do this call:

for (var i: int = 1; i < 3; i++ ){
    trace("got here")
    trace(mc_bg["mc_barrier" + String(i)])
        trace("Test "+(i))

I think there is an issue with my if statement.

hurdlePerson is the character. If I do:


It works.

What am I missing here to make this work? I don't want to have to type out the multiple hitTestObject's which is what I currently have to do.

Thank you very much for your time.

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So, just to confirm, mc_bg is a child of main.as, and the mc_barrier MovieClips are children of mc_bg? What does your trace(mc_bg["mc_barrier"+i]) code trace out? Is hurdlePerson a child of main.as? Does replacing the for loop in the same spot with your alternate, hardcoded line work? –  Jake King Dec 18 '11 at 0:51
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1) what is the output of your code, What traces u get?

2) trace to see if those movies created and available

3) try with parent

            trace("Test "+i)
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got here null TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference. at src::main/hurdleCollisionCheck() --- The movies are on the stage and are there --- Parent doesn't work –  Kevin McGowan Dec 18 '11 at 0:44
I found the issue. Thanks. –  Kevin McGowan Dec 18 '11 at 0:54
@KevinMcGowan: Could you post what the problem was? Just saying you fixed it does not help future visitors. –  Jake King Dec 18 '11 at 1:49
The code was correct, it was an issue on the actual movieclips with names. –  Kevin McGowan Dec 28 '11 at 14:40
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