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Using the code from the docs:

function deleteRequest(requestId) {
  FB.api(requestId, 'delete', function(response) {

I am returned an error:

(#2) App Request Recipient Must Be Specified: The recipient for this app request must be specified through a user-signed access token or the fully specified app request ID.

I'm definitely connected to the FB REST before this, any thoughts?

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if your app has migrated to Requests 2.0 efficient, than the requestId must contain both the apprequest id and the user id with _ between (because the same apprequest might be sent to multiple users)

for example: apprequest=1111111 and user_id=2222222

then the requestId will be 1111111_2222222

function deleteRequest(appRequestId, userId) {
  FB.api(appRequestId+"_"+userId, 'delete', function(response) {
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If you use the C# facebook SDK you can use this:

var fb = new FacebookClient(Config.FacebookAppId, Config.FacebookAppSecret);
var result = fb.Delete(string.Format("{0}_{1}?access_token={2}", facebookRequestId, facebookUserId, fb.AccessToken));

(see also this question: Facebook Deleting Requests)

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