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I am attempting to add an event listener to a custom product so that I can send an email when the @@personal-information page is saved.

I tried putting the following in my configure.zcml:


And then in my handlers.py:

def userupdate(event):
""" Handler for User Properties Updated """
... code to send email...

I'm not receiving any errors, but nothing happens. Is that not the right event to listen for? Is there a better way to accomplish this?

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This is the right approach and your code looks fine to me. Try to set a pdb-statement into your userupdate method and start your instance in the foreground ("bin/instance fg") to see if the code is called when you edit the personal information of a user:

def userupdate(event):
    import pdb; pdb.set_trace()

If the method is not called at all, then this might be a bug. Probably this one:


Try to use a more recent version of Products.PluggableAuthService in which this bug has been fixed.


According to the release notes using Products.PluggableAuthService 1.7.6 should do the trick.

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