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For an academic project, I'm looking to add a source file (myfile.c) to the kernel/ directory, the same directory as exit.c and fork.c. The build system does not appear to automatically pick up the new file, as I'm hitting "undefined reference" link errors to functions defined in myfile.c. How could I get this file incorporated?

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You need to add a corresponding object file to the kernel/Makefile. If you have a configuration variable for your code, then you would use:

obj-$(CONFIG_ZERO_STIMULUS_FEATURE) += zerostimulus.o

If you're building in your code without a configuration variable, then you'll just add it to the obj-y variable:

obj-y += zerostimulus.o

The configuration variable expands to y, m, or n, depending if the feature is built-in, built as a module, or turned off. Then the obj-y, obj-m, variables are built.

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That's right!

Just an addendum: Before building the kernel, you know that running "make menuconfig" you can set which features will be build-in the kernel image (y) , which will be enabled as a loadable module (m) and which will not be enabled (n).

if you want to be able to set it for your new feature you will be able to do it editing the Kconfig file that you will find in the same folder of the new file. In your case "linux-x.y.z/kernel/Kconfig"

This is an example:

    tristate "My new feature"
    default m
      This is my brand new feature
      Here's a multi-line description

A usual mistake is to set "config CONFIG_ZERO_STIMULUS_FEATURE" instead of "config ZERO_STIMULUS_FEATURE": Don't add here the prefix "CONFIG_"

If your feature is not loadable as a module, then you will have to use the "bool" keyword instead of "tristate". Take a look at other Kconfig files and you will also see how easy is to set dependencies.

Best regards, /Angel

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