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I'm wokring on content access plugin for Google Chrome browser.


Since chrome to access resources require cast urls from local form to extended one. How can I access picutres and images from css file?

It is easy from javascript. You have to call:

var imgURL = chrome.extension.getURL("images/myimage.png");

But how can I refer to images from css? You can't use dirrect link since Chrome required 'id' in front of real path. Here is an example:

  background: url(chrome-extension://joenfdgfhhbclfbleelbagcmppfagfgk/services/iconReader.png) no-repeat 0 0;

Firefox in this particular case is mutch better. You can just have special plugin id and use it in url path:

background: url(resource://miroit/services/iconReader.png) no-repeat 0 0;


  • how can I refer images?
  • can i reach google developers to fix it?
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