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I would like to do automatic semantic role labeling in FrameNet Lexicon using some machine learning methods. Could you please suggest me some java packages most suitable for this project?

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@eowl , thanks for this link.Seems very useful. –  thetna Dec 18 '11 at 11:37

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Mate-tools and SEMAFOR are available and are both written in Java. The latter requires a large memory. The former uses Propbank style, but you can derive the roles.

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Hi Kenston, im really looking into using these packages, but i cant find any documentation on this, i also posted a question on this in stackoverflow.com/questions/22937922/… , is there any change you could share some java code examples? –  Yehoshaphat Schellekens May 19 at 7:43
For Mate-Tools, you may refer to my comment in a related question: stackoverflow.com/a/11028562/241379 –  Kenston Choi May 19 at 10:08
Thanks, ill try using the source code, i it OK if ill ask some questions in case thinks go messy? –  Yehoshaphat Schellekens May 19 at 10:13
Sure, this is encouraged in SO. –  Kenston Choi May 20 at 4:11

University of Illinois (UIUC) has a good Semantic Role Labeler which uses PropBank.

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