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I'm using solr on my website but I have small problem. Indexing works great.

I've deleted a few documents from my database (I had 50 documents now I have 41). I've started dataimport, solr tells that he indexed 41 documents (great), deleted 0 (strange). The problem is that I can still search the deleted documents. Why is that? I used clean=true but it didn't change anything.

How can I delete from the index documents that don't exist?

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It isn't so clear if you're deleting documents through dih clean=true parameters or manually. –  javanna Dec 18 '11 at 11:08
sorry but I dont understand you. Ive deleted document in my database from my CMS. Now i want to reindex data but I dont want to have documents that Ive already deleted. I will add that by document I mean record in my DB. I`m indexing data from my DB –  Fixus Dec 18 '11 at 11:17
I got it! Thanks for the explanation. –  javanna Dec 18 '11 at 11:37

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Weird. DataImportHandler with clean=true should work out for your need. An alternative with the benefit of avoiding to stress and eventually messing up the live solr instance is to swap: you create a new index B without touching the live one (say A). B is created from scratch, so will be completely synchronized with your db! Ones that B is created just launch .../admin/cores/?action=SWAP&core=A&other=B and the job is done! I'm doing it with a 1M docs index on Solr 3.5 and works well.

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