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I have data in MySQL table like :

ID     dates                   value
1    2011-12-18 10:11:12      test1
2    2011-12-18 12:11:12      test2
3    2011-11-18 10:19:11      test3

When I tried to get value in module it not work, I write code like :

$query=$this->db->get_where('datas', array('dates' => date('Y-m-d')));

I need to get data from whole day like get data only from 2011-12-18.


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try with $this->db->like();

so it will be

$query=$this->db->like('dates', array('dates' => date('Y-m-d')));

the % will be added automatically

also you have datas as key, and should be dates based on database structure

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You can do the following:

In your table, create an int field with the name ts.

When you insert data into this table, use the time() method to insert a timestamp into ts.

$data = array(
   'dates' => '<your date value>' ,
   'value' => '<your value>' ,
   'ts'    => time()

$this->db->insert('datas', $data); 

Then, when querying:

Use the mktime() method to create a timestamp range for the start & end of today.

$start = mktime() - date('h')*3600;    
$end   = mktime(); 

$this->db->where('ts >=', $start);
$this->db->where('ts <=', $end);

Make sure you've indexed the ts column. This will also be faster than the above LIKE method on larger datasets.

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