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We are having issues with the MOSS 2007 Web Service. Specifically, the Query/QueryEx method of the API.

We are using the SQL Syntax to query sharepoint, and for most cases, our search execution time is very fast. However, when we add filters and sorts, things start slowing down. In some cases we even get an error.

For example, this MSSQLFT query will give a System.ServiceProcess.TimeoutException exception about 50% of the time. The timeout will occur around the 10 seconds mark.

SELECT WorkId, Rank, ... , PerforceFolder, PerforceDateSubmitted FROM SCOPE() 
WHERE "scope"='Tech_Depot'  AND (FileExtension = 'cpp' )  
ORDER BY PerforceDateSubmitted, Rank DESC

Is there any settings / query parameter / etc... we can use to allow a bigger SEARCH execution time on the sharepoint back-end?

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3 Answers

This could have many causes:

  • The property used in the search is not indexed, therefore, the search takes longer
  • The result set is too big, try specifying a row limit

These tools can help you with development: - SharePoint Search Service Tool` - SharePoint Search Bench

Hope that helps.

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believe it or not this 10 second limit is hard coded. The only way round it is to write your own version of the web service. I've done this and the results are here:


Hope this helps,


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