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I try to create a cronjob on windows7 iis. I downloaded the wget.exe from here, and created a batch file called: "cron.bat"

"D:\creation\software developer\wget\wget.exe" -q http://www.webshop.loc/cron;

My problem is whenever I call that file it creates a file called: "cron;#" where # is the number of the file calls. So on first call: "cron;" on second call: "cron;1", on third call: "cron;2" is created. How can I stop this flood of file creations?

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Tell wget to write the output to the screen instead of a file, by using -O -

You can then pipe it to "nothing" with >NUL

Your command will become

"D:\creation\software developer\wget\wget.exe" -q http://www.webshop.loc/cron -O - >NUL
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Thanks, works fine! –  inf3rno Dec 18 '11 at 12:44

I have a better solution, I created an executable cron.js file:

    GET: function (url) {
        var xmlhttp = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP");
        xmlhttp.open("GET", url, false);
        return xmlhttp.send(null);

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