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What is the best algorithm to match or compute the distance between two strings in C# when the order or number of times a word appears is not important?

Best means:

  • Would mostly agree with a human match
  • Elegant
  • Efficient
  • Scalable, so that an input string could be matched to a potentially large collection of other strings

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Some notes:

  • Because of the order and occurrence independence, the inputs can be thought of as sets of unique words, not strings in the sense of arrays of characters
  • Not specifically looking for a database solution, although one would be interesting
  • I'm way too old for this to be a homework problem ;)
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This looks like a canonical case to apply standard information retrieval algorithms. Cosine distance is what first comes to mind, but there might be better matches to your particular case. This is a good link to start digging on that route:


Implementation example:


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Seach for a method called "Double Metaphone" which I beleive for word per word comparision it is the best available. Counts for different languages as well! queit amazing.

If comparing string maybe you can use this along with a cosine similarity. will yeild perfect results.

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+1 I'll check it out, thanks :) –  Thomas Bratt Oct 5 '10 at 11:52

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