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I have program that communicates two child processes with a pipe. I have parent process named Creator, and child processes Encrypter and Decrypter. I want to create Memory Mapped File for these two child processes so they can create file called "log.txt" and write in it "a X bytes message was sent from encrypter" and "a X bytes message was received by decrypter".

I created the File and File Mapping object in Creator process and use openFileMapping() and MapViewOfFile() functions in only Encrypter process (for now). But I always get "error code 1132" which means ERROR_MAPPED_ALIGNMENT error. Is it about Global\\ or Local\\ namespace issue or is it something else?

Some of the code is here:

Creator process MMF functions:

#define FILE_NAME "log.txt"

HANDLE hLog, hLogMap;

/***Creating the 'log.txt' File***/
if((hLog = CreateFile(  FILE_NAME,
                        NULL))              == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE)
    fprintf(stderr,"Unable to open file (at Creator) %s: %d\n", FILE_NAME, GetLastError());

/***Creating the Mapping to the 'log.txt' File***/
if((hLogMap = CreateFileMapping(hLog,
                                                            == NULL)
    fprintf(stderr,"Unable to create memory mapping (at Creator): %d\n", GetLastError());

And child process encrypter is:


if((hLogMap = OpenFileMapping(FILE_MAP_ALL_ACCESS, FALSE, "Global\\file_log_txt")) == NULL)
    fprintf(stderr,"Unable to open memory mapping (at Encrypter): %d\n", GetLastError());

if((pView = (char *) MapViewOfFile(hLogMap, FILE_MAP_ALL_ACCESS, 0, SIZE, SIZE)) == NULL)
        fprintf(stderr,"Unable to create map view (at Encrypter): %d\n", GetLastError());

I can create the file "log.txt" and create Memory Mapping for it, I can open this mapping from Encrypter process but I cannot create map view.

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Which specific function is returning error code 1132 to you? –  David Grayson Dec 18 '11 at 17:07
The MapViewOfFile() call looks wrong. Use an offset of 0, not SIZE. –  Hans Passant Dec 18 '11 at 17:15
Um, your subject line says "file not found" but your question says ERROR_MAPPED_ALIGNMENT. Which is right? (Also, did you verify that SIZE is properly aligned? And why are you creating a view beyond the end of the mapping? That's unlikely to work either.) –  Raymond Chen Dec 21 '11 at 16:11

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