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I'm trying to make my first steps with jquery mobile and I would like to start with some fun.

I've a page which displays an interactive svg image, which can be changed when dragging a slider. (buckny) The slider comes from jquery ui and perfoms reasonable on a normal browser but not on my iphone.

So I wanted to take a look at jquery mobile. From the documentation I understood that it could be instantiated exactly the same way as with jquery ui: just call


on a jquery selector. (jquery-mobile slider) So I thought if it is that simple I can leave all my code as it is and just include the jquery-mobile library instead of the jquery-ui library and it should work. But apparantly not, does the jquery selector element need to be inside a form element? I understand from the docs that that is not necessary. Where do I go wrong?

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Do you have an example link with jQueryMobile used? – Phill Pafford Dec 21 '11 at 15:31

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The 'jQuery selector element' only needs to be an input element of the type range. In fact, you don't even need to call the plugin using jQuery.

From the documentation:

This plugin will auto initialize on any page that contains a text input with the type="range" attribute.

So all you need is something like this:

<input type="range" id="slider" value="..." min="..." max="..." />

The only problem is that there is no simple way to set the step value (AFAIK), so I'd suggest using higher slider values.

Here is a working example:

Also, make sure you've successfully included all of the following:

  • jQuery JavaScript
  • jQuery Mobile JavaScript
  • jQuery Mobile CSS
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