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I wrote the part that changes the text color, but I can't find a way to change the background color, this code is for tasm assembly:

model small
stack 256
ent db 0ah,0dh,'$'
array  db 2,4,5,6
       db 7,8,9,5
       db 1,2,3,4
       db 5,6,7,8
temp dw 0
main :
    mov  ax,@data
    mov  ds,ax

    mov ah, 06h
    mov al, 0
    mov cx, 0
    mov dh, 79
    mov dl, 79
    mov bh, 4h

    int 10h

This is a my code but it doesn't work:

  mov ah, 0bh
    mov bh, 01h
    mov bl, 2h

    int 10h

    mov ah, 02h
    mov dl, 34h

    int 21h

 mov ax,4c00h ; exit from program
 int 21h

end main
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In BIOS function 6, BH contains an 8-bit color. Its lower 4 bits specify the foreground color while the upper 4 bits specify the background color. Try, for example, mov bh, 14h instead of mov bh, 4h. It should start writing red on blue instead of red on black.

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thanks very much it work fine –  Aram Mkrtchyan Dec 18 '11 at 21:48

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