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if i have the html

 <select id="autoplay">
    <option data-autoplay="">no</option>
    <option data-autoplay="1">yes</option>

how using jquery can i return the data-autoplay value in respect to which option is selected and set it as a variable ( var autoplay = selected value)

so if i select no it returns nothing and if i select yes it returns 1 so var autoplay = "1";

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try following code,

$("#autoplay option:selected").attr("data-autoplay");


$("#autoplay option:selected").data("autoplay");
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You can use the attr() method to get the value of an attribute:

var autopplay =  $('#autoplay option:selected').attr('data-autoplay');

if (!autoplay || autoplay == '') {
    // an empty string was returned
else if (autoplay == 1) {
    /* remember not to trust your users, so validate in/on the server
       if you're storing the variable/result...
    // 1 was returned

It's possible to also use data('autoplay'), which will look at data- prefixed attributes with a string matching the selector (autoplay) following the data-, so in this case it would look for: data-autoplay (somewhat obviously, I suppose).


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