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I have a spring bean like:

public class MongoDaoImpl implements MongoDao {
   private static final Mongo mongo = new Mongo(MySettings.INSTANCE.getMongoHost());


In my servlet.xml I have:

   <bean id="mongoDao" class="com.abc.dao.MongoDaoImpl">


Now I get an error:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class MongoDaoImpl
sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance0(Native Method)

MySettings looks like:

public enum MySettings {

    private String mongoHost;

    private MySettings() {
       mongoHost = "";

    public String getMongoHost() {
       return mongoHost;

So it seems when spring tries to setup MongoDaoImpl, it crashes because of MySettings. If I remove MySettings in the mongoDaoImpl and just hard code "" things work fine.

Do I have to wire up MySettings in a bean and then somehow tell MongoDaoImpl about it?

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I don't know what exactly this is failing (shouldn't be), but your Mongo instance should also be a bean. Declare it in your xml, and use property placeholders so that you can configure it with .properties files. Something like:

<bean id="mongo" class="...Mongo">
    <constructor-arg value="${mongo.host}" />

Btw, why don't you use MongoTemplate from spring-data-mongodb?

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Try if any of following helps

  1. Check if full class/package name in XML is correct. If this one works then you should use initialization method suggested by Bozho (above answer#1)
  2. Remove static declaration from your class and try starting the spring container again
  3. Change logging level to to debug to get more information
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