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So I have the following page with a navbar: http://michigangurudwara.com/pclass/ and it doesn't look bad, but when you resize the browser, everything overlaps. What I want is for the navbar to fill up the whole width and then when the screen is resized a scroll bar should pop up, but when I do width:100% in the .navbar class, this doesn't happen. The only way to get a scroll bar is with an absolute width. But if I do that, I can't take up the entire screen width for different monitor sizes. How would I do this?

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Set a minimum width...

.navbar {
    min-width: 1000px; }

Anything less than that will cause the scroll bar to appear.

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This is certainly a different style to navigation, to have the nav bar always the same width could make large issues for many users. A better approach is to set the page width to say 1000px; and then have auto sizing margins on either side.


However if your determined to do it this way then you could always get the browser width with Javascript and then use that to set a dynamic width variable.

I was also going to suggest minimum-width:100%; but I think you'd still come across the same issue.

The problem is when using percent the template will re-size to the browser width where as pixels will always represent an absolute value as you mention.

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