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I'm developing a web application in Java, using Spring Framework. I'm adding personalization to my site, and I'd like to provide my users the best experience. Features I'm looking for:

  • Support for logging in using popular services (at least Facebook and Google)
  • Support for creating a username/password
  • Support of tying multiple credentials (i.e. the same account can have FB, Google and username/password)
  • Reset password feature
  • Remember-me feature
  • Nice login widget (like Stackoverflow's for instance)
  • Secure storage of passwords
  • JSP integration (i.e. login tag, conditional "is-logged-in", "has-permission-x" tags)
  • Support for integrating in my schema
  • Mobile support (usable from mobile browsers)
  • Open source

I realize Spring Security/Spring Social has some of this (and they overlap a bit).

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Yes, spring-security, spring-social, spring-mobile, openid4java, and a javascript openid library cover your requirements. But you still have to write code and configure stuff. It's not "ready-to-use". You can start with spring-roo that will generate some skeleton project on which you can build forward.

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