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echo $form->dropDownList(
                      'SELECT * from category where isnull(parent_id)'), 
                      'id', 'name'), 
                            'empty'=>Yii::t('fim','Search All'),

Jobs, Training, Events and News are not appearing.

How can/should we build this, in order to add those values to the select box ?


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You cannot add static elements by using the $htmlOptions parameter. Here is how I do it:

$data = CHtml::listData(Category::model()->findAllBySql(
                        'SELECT * from category where isnull(parent_id)'), 
                        'id', 'name');
// Add extra options here: I am actually prepending with this syntax,
// but you are free to append or interleave instead. Array keys are the values.
$static = array(
    'jobs'     => Yii::t('fim','Jobs'), 
    'training' => Yii::t('fim','Training'), 
    'events'   => Yii::t('fim','Events'), 
    'news'     => Yii::t('fim','News'),

echo $form->dropDownList(
    $static + $data,
    array('empty'=>Yii::t('fim','Search All')));
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Thanks a lot. Really. –  MEM Dec 19 '11 at 16:56
Thanks a lot. Really..... + to the rescue –  aWebDeveloper Nov 6 '12 at 17:46

For me, what i did is i added jquery code, i append an html option

    $("#categoryId").append("<option value='0'>Additional Field</option>");

its less complicated and it works for me

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