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$(".eventer button[name=lol]").click(function() { 
thisBtn = $(this); 
parent = $(this).parent(); 
num = parent.data('num'); 
id = parent.data('id'); 

if(typeof num != 'number'){ 
    num = 0; 
$(this).attr('disabled', true); 

    url: 'javas.php', 
    data: "num="+ ( num + 1 ) +"&id="+id, 
    success: function(data) {
        console.log('Ajax success'); 
        parent.data('num', ++num); 
        thisBtn.attr('disabled', false); // reset 

console.log('-- end'); 

How would i change this function to a $.post function, keeping all the button attributes etc. I need the value of num to be sent to javas.php and then that data to be echoed in the status class.

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would this work:

 $.post('javas.php', {num: (num+1), id: id}, function(data) { ... });



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