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I have this table:

<table border=1 id="Table">
<tr> <th> Product </th> <th> Price </th> <th> Shop </th> </tr>
<tr> <td> Stuff1 </td> <td> 10$ </td> <td> Shop1 </td></tr>
<tr> <td> Stuff2 </td> <td> 0$ </td> <td> Shop2 </td></tr>

On which I try using the following jQuery code:

var cell = $("#Table").find("td")[4];
cell.css("background-color", "red");

$("#Table").find("td")[4].innerHTML gives me Stuff2. But I can't seem to change the css at all with jQuery or even use html().

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var cell = $("#Table").find("td")[4];

gives you the DOM element at index 4 so it only has native DOM methods.

Change it to this to call jQuery methods:

var cell = $("#Table").find("td").eq(4);

or this:

var cell = $("#Table td").eq(4);
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Thanks a lot, answered within 5 minutes what my CS teachers can't answer within 3 hours. – Sefam Dec 18 '11 at 20:49
@user1040736: You're welcome. – RightSaidFred Dec 18 '11 at 20:50

Using [] extracts the DOM element so you cannot use .css() jquery method on it afterwards.

Use a selector:

var $cell = $("#Table").find("td:eq(4)"); // or $("#Table").find("td").eq(4);
$cell.css("background-color", "red");

Note: by convention, jquery variables should prefixed with $(like $cell) so they are easily as such.

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When using the array-notation you get no longer a jQuery-object, but the plain dom-node. What you need here is the :eq selector:

var cell = $("#Table").find("td:eq(4)");
cell.css("background-color", "red");


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