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I chose OleDb as a method of reading data from Excel, one of my problems on parsing the Excel is this:

I want to skip a few rows from the file (let's call them a header..) - there are merged cells there and other stuff I need to ignore, I found this syntax:

'SELECT * FROM [Sheet1$a4:c]',

specifying "a4" - the left corner of the header row, and "c" - the right most column where the data is ever this is not OK to me as I do not know the exact number of columns with data I need to parse ...Is there another way of accomplishing this ?

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Any reason why you cannot use a little code to find the bottom right cell? – Fionnuala Dec 18 '11 at 22:15 particular reason, I checked & it works, it seems that I just read somewhere that Ole would take the first row to calculate the columns number, which seems to be incorrect .... – aly Dec 19 '11 at 8:50

you can take all rows in a dataTable and then

IEnumerable<DataRow> newRows = dt.AsEnumerable().Skip(1);
DataTable  dt2 = newRows.CopyToDataTable();

dt2 now contains all rows but the first.

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