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Which one will delete all data from the table, and which one will remove the table from the database?

What is the right thing to do if I don't want this table in my database any more? Should I drop or delete?

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It is encourage to do a little bit of search before asking a question. Considering that MySQL has a fairly extensive reference manual, there is no need to ask here. (There are more interesting questions like, is a DROP+CREATE ever better than a DELETE? But that does not apply in this case.) – user166390 Dec 18 '11 at 22:13

DROP command deleting the table and its structure from the data base.

DROP TABLE tbl_user;

DELETE command used for deleting the records from the table,and it removing the table space which is allocated by the data base, and returns number of rows deleted.

DELETE FROM tbl_user WHERE id = 1;

TRUNCATE command is also delete the records but it doesn't delete the table space which is created by the data base, and does not return number of deleted rows.

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DROP is used to remove tables (and databases).

DELETE is used to delete rows from tables.

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Maybe are you talking about TRUNCATE and DELETE ?


is equivalent (logically) to


This will erase all data in table users. If you want to delete the whole table structure you should write:


But, DELETE is DML command while TRUNCATE and DROP are DDL commands. There is also some other differences in different RDBMS. More info - here

And another useful link: Difference between TRUNCATE, DELETE and DROP commands

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drop removes the contents and the table (but not user permissions on the table). This is what you want if you want to completely remove the table from your schema.

delete selectively (or not) removes rows from a table. It does not alter the table structure.

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There's no such thing as DELETE TABLE. You should use DROP TABLE to delete your table.

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The DROP TABLE statement is used to delete a table.

DROP TABLE table_name

The DELETE statement is used to delete data(records) in a table.

DELETE FROM table_name WHERE some_column=some_value;

So, as you want to delete table from database then you will go for DROP Command

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DELETE is used to delete one or several rows from the table. DROP TABLE would remove the entire table from the database, so if you want to remove the table, you should use DROP TABLE.

DROP TABLE reference

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Delete will update the log, while drop does not.

Delete is used to remove the rows, while drop is used to remove the tables and DB.

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