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I'm trying my hand at jQuery UI as a replacement for other RIA techniques but I wanted to make an icon-only button. I'm aware that we can do it using the default theme-roller icons but I want to use my own icons.

I've successfully created (see here) a custom button with a custom icon and text, but if I remove the text then it becomes disproportionate and ugly.

I've tried just wrapping an <img> in a <div> and then calling .button() on it but it gets too large; what I really wanted is to have an icon-button like the ones that ship with the theme but using my own icons instead.

Hoping I've made myself clear and understandable,


(think extJS icon-only buttons or Adobe Flex (why have you forsaken me) icon-only buttons)

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This seems to work for me (adapted from the demo here and the answer you mentioned). It looks like the key is setting the text option to false:


    text: false, /* Don't include text on the button */
    icons: {
        primary: 'ui-icon-custom'


#button > span.ui-icon-custom {
    background-image: url(


(Apologies for the terrible placeholder image)

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