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Looking at the flex 4.6 (flash builder) documentation, it shows an example of creating an item editor for a data grid column, but their example is using the "mx" library. I am trying to stick to using the spark library. I can not seem to come up with equivelent working code in spark:

Here is their code:

                    <mx:VBox backgroundColor="yellow">          
                                // Define a property for returning 
                                // the new value to the cell.
                                public var cbSelected:Boolean;

                        <mx:CheckBox id="followUpCB" 
                            label="Follow up needed" 
                            height="100%" width="100%" 

I want to do exactly the same thing, but using a spark data grid and , spark check box and VGroup, etc.

Is it possible/how?

Update: A little progress, I have it partially working now by looking at various examples. It draws the check box, and I am able to click the check box to change the value, HOWEVER, it seems like it is not triggering the data grid to change/update. For example, I have to edit a different field in the data grid in order for the data grid to update and save back to the sever. I am using gridItemEditorSessionSave event:

<s:DataGrid  id="recsDG"  width="100%" height="100%" dataProvider="{_recs}"
                 editable="true" gridItemEditorSessionSave="recsDG_gridItemEditorSessionSaveHandler(event)"  alternatingRowColors="[#FFFFFF, #CCCCCC]">


<s:GridColumn headerText="active" dataField="active" rendererIsEditable="true" >
                              <s:CheckBox id="test124" selected="{(data.active==1)}"



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