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I'm integrating capybara to a project. At first instance, I just wanted to check what is displaying the login page, so I made this code:

require 'acceptance/acceptance_helper'
feature 'Login' do
  scenario 'sign in with right credentials' do
    visit '/'

But when I run the test, it shows me:

 Failure/Error: visit '/'
   No route matches "/login"
 # ./spec/acceptance/login_spec.rb:6

If I enter to the application without a valid session, it redirects me (code 302) to a rubycas server to log me in (which has the /login context at start) and after that it redirects me again to my server. What should I do to just view the login page or how to maintain the redirection references in capybara?

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I usually do this:

Inside my test.rb :

    require 'casclient'
  require 'casclient/frameworks/rails/filter'

      :cas_base_url => cas_base_url

Modify your spec like this:

  visit '/'

Let me know if this works for you.


Without using "CASClient::Frameworks::Rails::Filter.fake(username)" I too get the same error. The reason is that cas redirects you to its base url with "/login?" a parameter like this. And hence it complaints about missing route.

  • Check your test log
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Make sure you have added the proper matching routes. it seems that you are missing routes.

I hope this helps you.

For writing routes you can get help from

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But '/login' is not a valid route on my application, is a route of the authentication system (rubycas-sever) that is located in another application and address. For example, if I enter to my app (localhost:3000) and I don't have a session, it redirects me instantly to the auth server ( so here is the login page and after log me in it redirects me again to localhost. Why should add '/login' as a valid route on my application? – Alter Lagos Dec 19 '11 at 22:24
onething you make sure is that, capybara dont fillin the fields not part of it eg, you are visting a remote page facebook and type in fill in then it wont work. you must run test cases on local host instead of other websites. – Malik Arsalan Tahir Dec 21 '11 at 7:22

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