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I have a wxListCtrl that i want to keep in synch with a data structure. The user will be able to add, delete and modify the data from other controls on the frame, I want the list to update whenever the structure does. What is the best paradigm to use here?

One Idea I was considering was to implement the wxListCtrls paint event method, but i'm concerned with efficiency and it would be a pain to keep track of the selected item.

Right now I have created a "updateTable" method, and I just call it whenever the data structure gets modified. I'm pretty sure I'm going to create an infinite loop if I don't re-design.

I suppose i could pass a function object..

Thanks in advance.

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You could probably do this with a virtual list control. The wxPython demo has an example. I haven't tried that before. Personally, I use ObjectListView, which is a wrapper on top of the ListCtrl. I find it much easier to use. You can see how I do it in this article:

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This is my current solution. Sorry I'm a bit late.

class custom_virtual_list(wx.ListCtrl):
    def __init__(self, parent, columns = None, contents = None, autoscroll = False):
        columns = [] if columns == None else columns
        contents = [] if contents == None else contents
        super(custom_virtual_list, self).__init__(parent, wx.ID_ANY, wx.DefaultPosition, wx.DefaultSize, wx.LC_REPORT | wx.LC_VIRTUAL)
        self.columns = columns
        self.contents = contents
        self.autoscroll = autoscroll


    def get_selections(self):
        sels = []
        sel = self.GetFirstSelected()
        while sel != -1:
            sel = self.GetNextSelected(sel)


    def update_contents(self, new_contents = None):
        if not new_contents == None:
            self.contents = new_contents


    def OnGetItemText(self, item, col):

    def update_columns(self, columns = None):
        if not columns == None:
            self.columns = columns

        for i, column in enumerate(self.columns):
            self.InsertColumn(i, column)


    def _update_count(self):

        if self.autoscroll:
            self.EnsureVisible(self.GetItemCount() - 1)

    def _resize(self):
        for i, column in enumerate(self.columns):
            self.SetColumnWidth(i, wx.LIST_AUTOSIZE_USEHEADER)

The user can update the contents by passing a new collection into update_contents(), or you could change contents into a property to do it more behind-the-scenes.

You can have wider contents than you have columns, (so a 2d list of [[name, email_address, id], ...], and only the columns ["Name", "email address"]), and it still works fine, too, which is nice, 'cause you can do things like keep relevant data together, yet hidden from the end user.

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