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I have a dynamic list loaded into a HTML 5 web app built using jquery mobile + (jquery and javascript).

I want to display a simple "loading..." image by placing a <div> on the page while the list is populated dynamically. Once the list is complete I need a event to fire to remove the "loading..." image. Is it possible to attach the .ready or .load events to a element of the dynamic list so I get a event to fire when the list has loaded?

Thanks for any advice, searching for existing answers on the .ready subject only provides results about document.ready use of the event.

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Use the callback function.

$(function() {
    $('#content').load('', function(data) {
        // optional: do more stuff here.. not needed since the content will already be replaced.
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Thanks this solves my problem very nicely. – ThunderHorse Dec 19 '11 at 2:15

jQuery's .load provides a complete callback function that you could use to remove the loading image.

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