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I have tried a few options, none of which seem to work (if I have a simple multipart form with a named field, it works well, but when I don't know the name I can't just grab all files in the request...).

I have looked at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/81451/upload-files-in-google-app-engine and it doesn't seem suitable (or to actually work, as someone mentioned the code snipped it untested).

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Check out the documentation on the Webob request object. File uploads are treated the same as other form fields, except they're a file upload object, rather than a string - so you can iterate over the available fields the same as any other POST.

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yes I saw that on the image upload sample, makes sense - but as I don't control the "client" that is posting, I don't know the name of the field (it doesn't show up in .arguments() etc... so not sure where to find it). But for simple cases that looks great. –  Michael Neale May 13 '09 at 23:19

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