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Say I have something that looks like this in javascripts:

var obj = {
  subObj : {}
var type = 'subObj';

How can I get obj's subObj w/ type? For instance I would like to do something like:

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You use subscript notation.

11.2.1 Property Accessors

Properties are accessed by name, using either the dot notation:

MemberExpression . IdentifierName
CallExpression . IdentifierName

or the bracket notation:

MemberExpression [ Expression ]
CallExpression [ Expression ]
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You can treat objects like associative arrays in JavaScript, so you'll be able to access the inner object like:

var obj = {
    subObj : {}

var type = "subObj";
var subObj = obj[type];
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In case someone was wondering how to access sub properties (dynamically), I have found a way for that, if there's an easier way, please let me know:

function getPropertyByKeyPath(targetObj, keyPath) { 
  var keys = keyPath.split('.');
  if(keys.length == 0) return undefined; 
  keys = keys.reverse();
  var subObject = targetObj;
  while(keys.length) {
   var k = keys.pop();
   if(!subObject.hasOwnProperty(k)) {
    return undefined;
   } else {
    subObject = subObject[k];
 return subObject;

For example this:

      var o = {result : {info:{ version:1, comment: 'test'}}};
      var subObject = getPropertyByKeyPath(o, 'result.info');

would result in:

{version: 1, comment: "test"} 
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doesnt make any sense at all - you're not accessing TYPES, these are simple PROPERTIES - one could access them via obj[keyName] or something similar but using type is extremely confusing and a sure sign of lack of understanding

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