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How to count number of controls like JTextField, J Label and so on java swing form designing,for example if we use only one textbox and one text field means i need the output as follows count value is to do this?

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Would you need to count JPanels as well? If they are used as nested containers. – Low Flying Pelican Dec 19 '11 at 4:13

The container for the controls contains a list of controls, see Container.getComponents(). Come to think, it also has a method for the count of the controls, if that's all you want, Container.getComponentCount().

If you want this for all the controls contained within containers contained (ultimately) in a frame, you will need to look at each one recursively; start with the frame, and for each component that is a container, get the controls/count in that container, etc. Keep in mind that panels can have panels.


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As they should all be inside your Container object you can use the getComponentCount() method to return you an int of the number of components.

Container c;
int count;
count = c.getComponentCount();
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With SwingX, you have in class org.jdesktop.swingx.util.WindowUtils public static List<Component> getAllComponents(Container c). With that you have all components and subcomponents in container.

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