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I have some doubts regarding the software licensing model.

Recently, while building a small web application, I used some icons/images from I filtered icons based on "Allowed for commercial use(No link required)". Though icons are listed based on the filtering, still I could see that "more details" of those images displays license(s) like - GPL, LGPL, Public Domain, etc.

My doubt is:

  1. Can I use those icons/images for commercial user? Because I filtered icons based on "Allowed for commercial use(No link required)"
  2. My web application is closed source. Do I need to keep the source-code open?
  3. As of now my web application do not have credit link in the footer. Do I need to add a credit link in the footer, in case if I have to link back to the website? Is it possible for me to show the credit in the source-page, instead of adding credit links in footer? Will that conflict with the GPL, LGPL, Public Domain, etc licens.
  4. Why a licensing model is displayed, if the filter is "Allowed for commercial use"?

Any help will be appreciated.


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I have made the filters as rough filters, which does not represent a single license. Allowed for commercial use simply means it can be used commercially. There might be some requirements such as putting a link to the author's website on the page. Because many developers don't want to put links to a designers page e.g. in an app, I have made a filter that removes those as well. The icons you find with "Allowed for commercial use(No link required)" can be used without linking to the author's website.

I would recommend you read the license for all icons you use from

I hope that helps.

Best regards, Martin LeBlanc

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Thanks for the clarification Martin :) – abhilashca Dec 19 '11 at 14:48

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