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I have been referring to http://james.padolsey.com/javascript/inettuts-with-cookies/ for creating widgets. I extracted all files and put them into proper directories. However when i run the code I get this error $(clonedWidget).attr("class") is undefined.
I am loading the widget content using an ajax call.This error does not render any of the widget's content now. The widgets worked fine before I modified the code for saving preferences. Previoulsy i referred to http://nettuts.com/tutorials/javascript-ajax/inettuts/ for creating widgets.
This is the part of the code of inettuts.js which gives out the error:

sortWidgets : function () {
        var iNettuts = this,
            $ = this.jQuery,
            settings = this.settings;

        /* Read cookie: */
        var cookie = $.cookie(settings.saveToCookie);
        if(!settings.saveToCookie||!cookie) {
            /* Get rid of loading gif and show columns: */

        /* For each column */

            var thisColumn = $(this),
            widgetData = cookie.split('|')[i].split(';');

                if(!this.length) {return;}
                var thisWidgetData = this.split(',');
                    clonedWidget = $('#' + thisWidgetData[0]),
                    colorStylePattern = /\bcolor-[\w]{1,}\b/,
                    thisWidgetColorClass = $(clonedWidget).attr('class').match(colorStylePattern);

                /* Add/Replace new colour class: */
                if (thisWidgetColorClass) {

                /* Add/replace new title (Bring back reserved characters): */

                /* Modify collapsed state if needed: */
                if(thisWidgetData[3]==='collapsed') {
                    /* Set CSS styles so widget is in COLLAPSED state */

                /* Modify closed state if needed: */                
                if(thisWidgetData[4]==='closed') {
                    /* Set CSS styles so widget is in CLOSED state */

                $('#' + thisWidgetData[0]).remove();

        /* All done, remove loading gif and show columns: */

I have given id to all of my widgets, but even that doesnt seem to solve this issue. This issue comes up only in firefox and not in IE. Does anyone know what might cause this?

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Yes it does have a class attribute. –  anjana Dec 19 '11 at 8:08
Okay. But even that gives the same error. –  anjana Dec 19 '11 at 8:27
The id of first two widgets are being picked up and the length returns 1. After that the length comes as 0. –  anjana Dec 19 '11 at 8:44

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