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I need to replace following lines in XML file:

hashName="'Miecz Nieb. Wojownika+5IMiecz Nieb. Wojownika+5" name="Miecz Nieb. Wojownika+5"

As the above line is not correct, I want it to be replaced like this:

hashName="'Miecz Nieb. Wojownika+5'" name="Miecz Nieb. Wojownika+5"

(It should take the item name from the name="" attr!).

This is what I got at the moment, its not working as expected since it does remove my name="..." attribute.

Search for:


Replace with:

hashName="'\4'" name="\4"

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You have a dot in your regex after the last quote, but since the final quote in the input is at the end, with nothing behind it, that won't match. –  Mr Lister Dec 19 '11 at 7:44

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For this simple example this is working

Search for


and replace with

hashName="'\1'" name="\1"

If you don't want to capture or group characters, don't put brackets around it, therefor I removed most of them.

To avoid that too much is matched, e.g. if you have two "name" attributes in one row, I used [^"]* to do a non greedy matching.

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This should work

Search for: hashName=\".+\" name=\"(.+)\"
Replace with: hashName="'\1'" name="\1"
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