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I have used AntiForgeryToken to handle the multiple form submissions the code is as follow

   public override void OnActionExecuting(ActionExecutingContext filterContext)
        var ctx = filterContext.HttpContext;
        var response = filterContext.HttpContext.Response;

        var request = filterContext.HttpContext.Request;
       string _antiForgToken =  request.Form.GetValues("__RequestVerificationToken")[0];
       if (ctx.Session["userform"] != null)
           if (_antiForgToken.Equals(ctx.Session["userform"].ToString()))
               //kill the request                   
               response.StatusCode = 400;
               response.StatusDescription = "Bad Request.";                   
           ctx.Session["userform"] = _antiForgToken;


the code works fine on the (normal)forms but it gives problem when the form is posted via ajax multiple times (that is a required feature) i have a form say for example Add Contacts the user add a contact phone and press enter the (ajax)request is completed normally but again in the same form the user selects email and press enter here i get the error because the AntiforgeryToken is the same which was generated earlier my question is how can i refresh the AntiForgeryToken on ajax success

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See this:-… – Khumesh Kumawat Dec 19 '11 at 8:42
@KhumeshKumawat it is not the same issue – tugberk Dec 19 '11 at 9:11

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I am not sure if this is the solution but it seems stable:

Preventing CSRF With Ajax

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i have gone through the article but it seems to resolve the json posting issue ... – John x Dec 19 '11 at 11:13

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