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All keyboard events for my NSTableView are disabled. I can't use arrows or select a row with space bar.

The NSTAbleView belongs to a NSPanel, which is the current key Window, and the NSTableView is the first responder of the panel:

print (int) [self isKeyWindow] $1 = 1

po [self firstResponder] <NSTableView: 0xa7c6cc0> 

If I remove the table from my panel (and also the other table) the ESC button works again. I guess something is wrong with the table event handling.


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Your table view has lost its first responder status. Do you have any other controls in the window that are responding to key events? Try setting your window's intital first responder, making other controls refuse first responder, setting up your nextKeyView paths, or manually setting the table as the first responder by calling [window makeFirstResponder:tableView].

First responder issues can be a PITA, but if you read the documentation and go through your code with logging statements you can get an idea of where those key events are going.

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I don't get is, my panel is the keyWindow and the table is the firstResponder: print (int) [self isKeyWindow] $1 = 1, po [self firstResponder] <NSTableView: 0xa7c6cc0> –  Patrick Dec 19 '11 at 9:26
Actually the panel doesn't answer to the ESC event, but if I remove the table from the nib file (and also the other table), than it works again. –  Patrick Dec 19 '11 at 10:16

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