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I used to be able to launch all my Selenium2 WebDriver tests in Ruby on Rails via 'rake test:units'. But recently, my test case(s) wont be found anymore. I dont get any notification or error message. Traced, the test just ends after 'Execute test:units'

It still can be launched manually by calling 'rake test:unit TEST=test/unit/foo_bar' or using 'ruby [path]' to launch the file.

The test itself still works just fine, so I dont know why the automatic test doesn´t start anymore. I May be I violated some naming conventions? This is how everything is named:

File: foo_bar.rb
Class: FooBar
Method: test_foo_bar

Further I use some additional selfwritten requirements, stored in test/unit/helpers. Might there be another source of problems?

Thank you.

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FYI: It was unconventional naming.

File: foo_bar_test.rb
Class: FooBarTest
Method: test_foo_bar

Did it right. Now everything launches again with "rake test/units".

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