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i want to convert from Latitude, Longitude to GPS tag of ExifInterface

Ex: 10.34534564 to format like that "114/1,3/1,207045/4096"

Please help

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GPS coordinates comes in three basic forms. The example you have chosen 10.34534564 is called DMS format. DMS stads for Degree Minutes Seconds. When we use location.getLatitude(); we will get an output like your example (10.34534564). But when we want to use that value with ExifInterface we have to convert that value in to DMS format. Study this link to know about the conversion from Decimal Degree to DMS.

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Note that the java example given in the link will result in significant rounding of the seconds. Multiply both num and denom by 1000 to maintain accuracy. – Craig Mar 6 '13 at 16:56

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