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How to add your app to notification center?

I want to create an custom link that will appear in notification center for my app. Like Quickpick create shortcuts.

Any advice, link tutorial related with this is well come.

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You need to register your app for a URL scheme that the device can handle. (many answers on this already)

I have a similar app in review as per quickpick and it's uses URL schemes and uilocalnotifications to handle the appropriate action.

As I'm still awaiting formal rejection from apple I'll likely open source the notification element for others to use in their private apps. It's really handy to be able to use notification for quick actions. Especially if running 5.0 as the private settings urls are available.

update Jan 2012 - doesn't look like notifications are going to be allowed on the appstore anytime soon, so I've open sourced my original App Swipe code. Hope you find it useful. https://github.com/Burnsoft/Settings-Swipe

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Just use UILocalNotification. Then handle the UILocalNotification in the startup of you app and do the linked action.

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