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I'm using ActionMailer in my application and I want to use localized views for email templates. It seems to work as expected, but it doesn't provide any fallback. For example, I want to send an email in Russian. The mailer method name is called invite. So, ActionMailer will search for invite.ru.html.erb and invite.ru.text.erb. If it doesn't find these templates, it sends just empty emails, but I'm expecting it to send invite.en.html.erb and invite.en.text.erb . I messed with ActionView::LookupContext#skip_default_locale!, but it doesn't work as I'm expecting it.

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Just use invite.html.erb instead of invite.default_local.html.erb

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Well, in this situation it renders initially the Russian templates, and then it renders default_locale templates, so finally I receive emails in default_locale. –  SpeedyWizard Dec 19 '11 at 9:31

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