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My ant script is,

<target name="temp">
    <property name="argument" value="xyz abc"/>
    <echo message=" & quot;${argument}& quot;"/>

Output is

xyz abc

Expected Output is

"xyz abc"

How to get the expected output. I tried like this &quot;quot;${argument}&quot;quot;, this is also not working.

Note : I am using ant 1.8.2 and antcontrib in windows 7.

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Updated. Removed some mistakes. – raja ashok Dec 19 '11 at 9:29
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Is there a space between & and quot;?

This works for me:

<target name="temp">
    <property name="argument" value="xyz abc"/>
    <echo message="&quot;${argument}&quot;"/>


     [echo] "xyz abc"
Total time: 469 milliseconds
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