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There is a Tabs component which has two tab :

private Tabs tabClient = new Tabs();
tabClient.addTab("Fiche", cFicheClient); // cFicheClient is a Container
tabClient.addTab("Crédits", cClientEtCredits); // cClientEtCredits is a Container

public void focusGained(Component arg0) {
        String noms = Formatage.getColumnValueAt(String.valueOf(fichesignalitique.elementAt(0)).toUpperCase(), 11);
        if (tabClient.getSelectedIndex() == 0)
            setTitle("Fiche signalétique de " + noms);
            setTitle("Liste des crédits de " + noms);

In runtime I cannot click the "Crédits" tab : the Tabs doesn't show the components of the cClientEtCredits Container ! And also the Form's title is not displayed when the Form is shown but I must click one tab button in order to show the Form's title !

So why ?

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This is just a snippet, need to provide more code to analyze the reason for container cClientEtCredits not being shown. Also need relevant code for form title container manipulation in the your code. – Vimal Dec 19 '11 at 16:05

I'm guessing its because of the request focus call within a focus listener.

You should probably change the tab selection before moving the focus to a different component by using something like setSelectedIndex.

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