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I try to expose the following method as a web service
public void validate(Foo foo) throws javax.validation.ConstraintViolationException;

The problem is ConstraintViolationException embeds a Set of javax.validation.ConstraintViolation which is an interface. I use hibernate-validator as javax.validation API implementation.

As is, JAXB can't handle interface. I'm stuck on mapping org.hibernate.validator.engine.ConstraintViolationImpl to ConstraintViolation at runtime.

Obviously, the only code I can change is my Web service.

How can I defined, in this context, the set of implementation I want to use for all the interface I have?


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What you are doing is bad practice.

You should not be returning or throwing for that matter any Java specific objects.

You should only expose interfaces that can be "translated" to any platform.

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+1 - In this case it would be better to throw a JAX-WS friendly exception that trying to map the Hibernate implementation of ConstraintValidation. –  Blaise Doughan Jan 6 '12 at 18:46

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