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I have an enum as below:

public enum EnvironmentType {PRODUCTION, TEST, DEVELOPMENT}

in properties file the key value is like :

app.environmentType = TEST

we know that when i read the value from properties file using key, it returns as String like

String envType = properties.getProperty("app.environmentType");

My requirement is,

EnvironmentType envType = EnvironmentType.TEST;

Now i want to know that is there a way to get the value as enum type? how can i parse or cast it ?

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EnvironmentType envType =   EnvironmentType.valueOf(envTypeString);
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+1. much elegant than my solution. –  Zohaib Dec 19 '11 at 9:55
Note that this will throw an IllegalArgumentException if envTypeString contains something that does not correspond to one of the enum constants - that's how you could check if the value is valid. –  Jesper Dec 19 '11 at 10:05

You may use valueOf method as follows:

String envTypeStr = properties.getProperty("app.environmentType");
EnvironmentType envType = EnvironmentType.valueOf(envTypeStr);

The static methods valueOf() and values() are created at compile time and do not appear in source code. But they appear in documentation of some enumaration in java library. For example, see SortOrder and Normalizer.Form

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