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We need to use NStringTypeHandler for persisting i18n strings into NVARCHAR fields of DB.

But I looked into source code and looks like it doesn't do anything.

public class NStringTypeHandler extends BaseTypeHandler {

public void setNonNullParameter(PreparedStatement ps, int i, Object parameter, JdbcType jdbcType)
  throws SQLException {
     //    ps.setNString(i, ((String) parameter));
     ps.setString(i, ((String) parameter));

 public Object getNullableResult(ResultSet rs, String columnName)
  throws SQLException {
     //    return rs.getNString(columnName);
     return rs.getString(columnName);

 public Object getNullableResult(CallableStatement cs, int columnIndex)
  throws SQLException {
     //    return cs.getNString(columnIndex);
     return cs.getString(columnIndex);


Maybe, I miised something. But set/get NString is commented in source code.

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The implementation of NStringTypeHandler looks wrong. (It's supposed to support National Character Set Type Data and it isn't).

Just for your info, there is a newer version of NStringTypeHandler in the trunk which this time uses generic version BaseTypeHandler as its base class. However, the uncommented lines were not removed and the setNString is not used there as well.

Unfortunately, there is also no history available explaining the uncommented lines. The file was checked-in with the commented lines.

My suggestion is to submit an issue here (to at least get that weird implementation explained).

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